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Daniel Island’s Climate

The weather is one of the major factors people relocate to Daniel Island.  During the summer even in the heat, there is likely a nice breeze coming in off of one of the two rivers, the Wando and Cooper, that flank the island.

Year-round there are numerous outdoor events and activities taking place in Daniel Island. In addition, the two golf courses as well as the tennis facilities of the Family Circle Tennis Center can be used 12 months out of the year.

The winters in Daniel Island are mild with temperatures of 32 degrees or less being rare.  In my opinion, the best seasons are spring and fall.  The summer months tend to be warm and humid but most facilities and buildings are air-conditioned.  Below please find a chart outlining the average high and lows (from www.weather.com):

Avg High Temp Average Low Temp Mean
January 57 37 47
February 59 38 49
March 65 45 55
April 72 54 63
May 80 63 71
June 85 70 78
July 89 74 81
August 87 72 80
September 83 68 76
October 76 58 67
November 68 49 58
December 60 40 50

Here are some Fast Facts about Daniel Island Weather (from www.weather.com):

  • July is the warmest month, on average
  • In 1952, the highest recorded temperature occurred—105 degrees
  • The coldest month, on average, is January
  • In 1985, the lowest recorded temperature occurred—9 degrees
  • On Average, August is the wettest month of the year