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Daniel Island Historical Society members and guests set sail on an inaugural adventure last Sunday, April 24, to celebrate the 376th birthday of the island’s namesake, Gov. Robert Daniell. Attendees enjoyed a beautiful afternoon cruise on board the Daniel Island Ferry, along with a presentation on Daniell’s life and island history by DIHS co-founder Mike Dahlman. The group also took time to sing happy birthday to Daniell, who was born on April 20, 1646.

The first known inhabitants of Daniel Island were Native Americans. Their name for the island was Etiwan or Ittuian and their presence on the island has been dated as far back as 2500 B.C. Arrowheads and pottery shards were found that date as far back as 10,000 years ago during excavations on Daniel Island. The existence of a sixteenth century Indian Village on Daniel Island has been proven by extensive excavations and research conducted by archaeologist Brent Livingston. His research has shown that there were semi-permanent villages located on Daniel Island evidenced by the location of refuse pits and the findings of other artifacts such as glass beads that were used by the Spanish and English to trade with the Native Americans. Shards of pottery were also found that date from 1400-1500 BC.

When the first English settlers arrived in the area in 1670, the Etiwan Indians inhabited Daniel Island. The first English settlers who came into South Carolina on the ship Carolina, from Barbados, to live and work on Daniel or Etiwan Island were Originall Jackson and John Norton. These two men, Jackson a carpenter and Norton a joiner, formed a partnership and cleared land on Etiwan and planted there until 1673. According to Daniel Island historians Michael Dahlman and Michael Dahlman, Jr., after some debate within the governing council, these two men were officially granted land on the island with the second land grant to be recorded in South Carolina.

Others who were officially granted land on Daniel Island in the late seventeenth century were William Jones who received 210 acres, William Thomas received 810 acres, Mathew English and John Morgan, William Jackson received land in 1677, Richard Codner, James Hutton and then Robert Daniell from whom the island’s present day name was derived. With a large grant of 972 acres given by the Lords Proprietors, Robert Daniell became the owner of all land that had not been previously granted in 1696. He paid 20 pounds per thousand acres and by 1715 the name of the island slowly evolved from Etiwan Island to Daniell, Daniels and then Daniel Island. Credit: Daniel Island News

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