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Berkeley County is known as the “boom town.” According to the Charleston Regional Business Journal (5/5/08), no other County in South Carolina’s history has been able to secure one billion dollars in corporate investment in a single year EXCEPT for Berkeley County–and they did it twice in 1995 as well as 2007.

Berkeley County continues to attract businesses including Google who recently opened a large processing center.  Other companies include Belimed Inc, Blackbaud, Pegasus Steel, Nationwide Express, Blackbaud, Associated Container Sales as well as DuPont who just expanded their facilities.

According to the Charleston Regional Development Alliance:

  • 12,000 new jobs (a 50% increase) have been created in Berkeley County since 1995
  • The County’s population increased from 128,713 to 152,282 between 1990 and 2006
  • The county’s largest employer is Berkeley County School District
  • Wages in Berkeley County are rising faster than the state of South Carolina
  • The average wage in Berkeley County is higher than the state’s average
  • One thousand new jobs were created in Berkeley County in 2007

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