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Barfield Park

Centrally located on beautiful Daniel Island, Barfield Park sits across from Center Park. The neighborhood includes upscale town homes and single-family residences.  Residents can walk to the neighborhood swimming center at Pierce Park and because of its central location on Daniel Island, you can walk almost anywhere. Its a great place to really get that close community feel that makes Daniel Island so unique. The homes include a range of traditional styles built by various builders including David Weekly Homes, Simoni Builders and others. With various low country colors, the homes fit into the layout of the neighborhood tastefully. In Barfield Park you really get the low country lifestyle with beautiful live oaks and gorgeous marsh views. So come and visit Barfield Park today!

Directly out of PIERCE PARK, we’re rolling over into BARFIELD PARK. And BARFIELD PARK is one of the older neighborhoods too. They’ve been building back here or built back here a long time ago. Most of the stuff to our left were built in the early 2000’s. These are townhomes built  by D R Horton. And across the way from these townhomes is marsh, river and creek and you’ve got walking trails that again ties into the downtown Daniel Island. So it’s a good mix in BARFIELD PARK of moderately sized single family homes and townhomes. Your single family homes back here, the least expensive one, at the shooting of this video is probably in the $450K range. But most of them are in the $500K+range for a single family, and you can get a two bedroom townhome out here for $300K and that generally comes with a garage. But you can see as we roll through here one of the things that’s nice about BARFIELD is, you’ve got a lot more mature tree coverage. If you’re trying to get on Daniel Island, BARFIELD PARK is probably the least expensive place to buy a single family home on DANIEL ISLAND. And it brings us right back out to CENTER PARK, which we were in just a little while ago. And from here, we’re going to head back through the business district of DANIEL ISLAND and head over to the north end of DANIEL ISLAND, which is where DANIEL ISLAND PARK is. For more information on BARFIELD PARK, please contact bob@charlestonproperty.net.


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