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Center Park

Centrally located on Daniel Island, Center Park is one of the Daniel Islands older neighborhoods. What makes this neighborhood stand out is the fact that it surrounds a two-acre park that includes a children’s play area. Surrounding the play park are brick town homes that boast iron balconies and private courtyards. Center Parks single-family homes were built by various builders including David Weekly Homes, John Wieland, Beazer Homes and Ryland Homes. These homes are built in traditional styles with various sizes, colors and details. This eclecticism makes for a beautiful neighborhood and its a great place to search out newer homes while not having to feel like you’re in one of the track home subdivisions so prevalent in today’s real estate market. Because of its central location and its kaleidoscope of home choices, you can’t go wrong with Center Park. It’s truly a wonderful place to call home. So call us today to schedule an appointment to check out Center Park on Daniel Island, South Carolina.

CENTER PARK is very conveniently located close to schools, library, play parks, shops and restaurants. Would recommend this neighborhood if your budget is between $400-$500K range. Lots of mature landscape. In CENTER PARK, as in other areas of DANIEL ISLAND, you will see neoclassical and coastal style homes with large front porches and operable shutters. As you might imagine, CENTER PARK is situated around a park. Interactive play equipment and beautiful landscaping with benches placed in shady areas, the residents of all ages enjoy this area through the seasons. The property values here reflect the lovely neighborhood and its great location on the island within walking distance of key amenities.

 All right ya’ll, so we’re just heading up from the downtown part of Daniel Island; maybe a half a mile from where we were a few minutes ago. We’re in CENTER PARK TOWNHOMES. And these are that are brick facade….they have courtyards in the back. Some of them have garages. A lot of them just have storage sheds and parking pads….depends on the unit. And these were built in the early 2000’s. They did have some issues with flashing on these, I think on the roofs. That was a long time ago and they’ve corrected it. And these have sold quite well. I think these are pretty good values. I actually have one listed over here right now…..shameless plug, but 805 Center Park is on the market for $395,000 for a three bedroom unit. They have three bedroom units and they have 2 bedroom units. The end units, if you can get one, are probably my favorite set up with CENTER PARK. You have a lot more light because you have the extra set of windows and you have a lot more privacy off to the side yard. You can see, it sets up around the park and it’s a good place for kids to play. These would be a good spot if you wanted to get into DANIEL ISLAND school district for your kids. These range in square footage from probably 1500 to about 2000 square feet. You could get something you could raise your family in and the kid’s school is right down the street.

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