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Downtown Daniel Island – 200 River Landing

200 RIVER LANDING boasts numerous floor plans and all condos have large master bedroom walk-in closets, 10 foot ceilings, 6 foot windows and stainless steel appliances. Amenities in this complex include a swimming pool with deck, outdoor grill, shaded arbors, and a 3 acre natural park which overlooks a pond and marsh. Owners have personal storage units and elevator access is available via the ground-level garages.

All right, ya’ll. So just up from 130 River Landing is 200 River Landing. And 200 River Landing is apprised of about 90 units, 3 buildings, 3 stories high. These were built by Trammel Crow back in 2006 and 2007. And these were ones that sold on paper before they even built them. I can remember being out here showing this as just really dirt. And then they built these things out. They turned out pretty well. I know they had some issues with the stucco on some of these buildings. They had to rip the stucco down due to flashing issues and they’ve since repaired that. But these are really great units. They have pull under secure parking and these are more upscale than 130 River Landing. They were actually built as condominiums. So you have more of a luxury feel in these units. And some of them have, you know, stand alone garages like this building here. But most of them have pull under the building to park. These range in size from probably 1200 square feet to right at 2000 square feet. And again, 2 and 3 bedroom units. No 1 bedroom unit to my knowledge. About 6 ifferent floor plans. So three main buildings they’ve built out here. You’ve got 1 floor living so the master and everything else is all on one floor. They have amenities out here. They have a private swimming pool which is right behind that building. Grilling deck and a bunch of land dedicated to more or less green space. They have a cool fountain set up to add a little tranquility, I suppose. Over the years I’ve sold a bunch of these and I think that my clients that have bought mainly have been people that are wanting to downsize, so the demographics is probably a little bit older. It’s not like you know college age students living in these and they would make a great second home here at 200 River Landing on Daniel Island.


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