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Point Hope

Point Hope is a 9 000 acre property which is part of the largest planned urban development in the Charleston South Carolina area. It’s the centerpiece for what’s going to be a much bigger vision for the Cainhoy Peninsula. Point Hope’s trails lead residents through inspiring natural environments and connecting to great schools, parks, open spaces, shopping and dining. The homes are designed with a forward-thinking take on Lowcountry architecture, a vision brought to life by some of the region’s most respected builders including David Weekley Homes, Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers. Point Hope is at the heart of all the region has to offer and just a short drive to downtown Charleston, area beaches, the international airport and much more. Developers have created a broad selection of unique home plans. Deep, livable front porches, generous windows and contemporary details seamlessly connect living spaces with the surrounding environment.

Hey guys! Bob Brennaman back with you again today and we’re continuing on with our series called ASK BOB. Today’s question regards Point Hope. And Point Hope is a 9 000 acre property which is part of the largest planned urban development in the Charleston South Carolina area. It’s the centerpiece for what’s going to be a much bigger vision for the Cainhoy Peninsula. And Cainhoy Peninsula is part of the rural part of Daniel Island. They are going to build Point Hope in about two decades is what the plan is. They’re gonna build about two thousand houses, so this is  not a short-term plan. Their first neighborhood back there is called First Light. So the First Light section is more or less right when you come into the neighborhood. Front of the neighborhood, you’re going to have commercial. You have a Publix grocery store, you have shops and restaurants and then you go back to the left and the first neighborhood is going to again be called First Light. David Weekley, Pulte Homes and Toll Brothers are the main developers of this section and they’re going to develop about a 1900 acre tract of this land, again off Clements Ferry Road like I mentioned, including commercial space, green space, a nature sanctuary and it does have three schools back there. The grade school, middle school and high school were all Phillip Simmons as I mentioned before. Lots of my friends have pulled their kids out of private schools to send them to the Philip Simmons schools. I think it speaks well of that school and I hear class sizes are really nice too. So Point Hope is kind of nestled between the Wando and the Cooper rivers. To be family friendly with parks and play structures, miles of trails, nature walks, exercise and biking areas. They’re going to preserve a lot of this in a conservatory where you can have lakes and you have marshlands and just some protected areas like I mentioned at the beginning. It’s gonna have about 140,000 square feet of commercial space at the front of the neighborhood. It’s convenient to Mount Pleasant which as many of y’all know is where I live and have called home for a long time. I think it’s; Mount Pleasant is a great sister community and that’s why I’m really behind rural Daniel Island because you’re close to the beaches, you’re probably 15 minutes from the beaches, you’re under 10 minutes to be in the north part of Mount Pleasant where there’s plenty of shops and restaurants, and you’re also a short drive to downtown Charleston, probably about 20 minutes from actually where Point Hope sits. And they’re building a wide range of houses. I think that the first bit of houses are probably going to be in the $400K’s for single families. They also have apartments back there. They have two new brand new apartment complexes. One’s already closed and one is getting ready to be finished up here pretty soon. So you’ve got a good mix use of potential real estate. Again this area of Daniel island is to me a place I would 100% buy because I think the long term of this is really really strong. I think you’re gonna find that they’re going to do a great job. I mean a lot of you know the tip of Daniel Island where Daniel Island company has been developing for years and that’s really pristine. Point Hope is being overseen by some of those people too. So it’s I just believe that what’s going on, on Daniel Island is going to be a home run long term. I think you do have to, when you go out to Daniel Island…the rural part is get over the mishmash. It’s kind of the country. Some of it is still, but you’re getting infrastructure and you’re getting roads and again, it’s an awesome location. The final thing I’ll say about this; if you’re going to go out to these builder reps, is to make sure you have a buyer’s agent, whether that’s me or somebody else, because I think it’s important to have somebody who’s not drinking the kool-aid. Somebody who’s representing you and not representing the developer. So I think…I love my developer friends but I would say having a representative; a buyer’s agent is a great idea and it doesn’t cost you anything. The sellers pay those; pay all the commissions in South Carolina. So with that being said I’ll wrap this video up. If you do like our YouTube videos be sure to click in the right hand corner of the screen to subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you want to check out real estate, our website is Brennamangroup.com for all of Charleston. Our main website for Daniel Island is DanielIslandproperty.com and again my name is Bob Brennaman. I would love to talk to you about anything related to this area. You can call me anytime at 843-345-6074 and you can always check out our website which is devoted to all of Charleston which is BrennamanGroup.com Thanks y’all!