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Daniel Island Park – Ralston Grove

Beautiful Ralston Grove was part of the hunting and cattle ranch preserve of the Guggenheim family. Reese Jones fashioned his Ralston Creek golf course’s last three golf holes into this property as a natural complement to the land. The home sites enjoy unprecedented proximity to the clubhouse. Ralston Grove is located deep within Daniel Island Park; Daniel Island’s country club neighborhood. This subsection offers some of the island’s most stunning vistas…of winding creeks and marsh grass, and the finishing holes of the Rees Jones golf course. Some of the homesites are on the 16th, 17th and 18th holes, while others are on marsh and creeks. Interior lots offer proximity to golf course and low country tidal views. In addition, is the Ralston Creek Park.

All right, so we’re in the newest, one of the newest section of Daniel Island Park. This is Ralston Grove. This is really situated on the finishing holes of the Reece Jones Golf Course. And a lot of lots have, either great views of the golf course or views of the marsh. Some of them even have creek vistas. Most of this….what we’re riding through right now, these lots have been sold. There are a few remaining out here in this section. But Ralston Grove is again, just getting developed as we’re shooting this video. But you know, think one of the advantages to this is it’s kind of tucked away and you’re not necessarily going to hear… Parts of Daniel Island, especially or Daniel Island Park, you’re going to get some road noise from I-526. You get back here, it’s really very quiet. So again, we’re riding through and there’s not a whole lot to look in Ralston Grove, but again, an area that probably the next time we get back out here to shoot will be completely developed. But again, it sits on the golf course, sits on marsh and this is Ralston Grove on Daniel Island.