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Rivergreen Place Townhomes

Rivergreen Place Town Homes were built by David Weekley Homes. These luxury town homes are located on the Park side of Daniel Island. In this stunning 4,000 acre community, there are four different plans to choose from (2579 – 2901 sq.ft.) with three or four bedrooms and numerous custom finishes. Alley ways and court yards are in the rear.

All right, ya’ll. So we are continuing back in to Daniel Island Park. We’re just going to spin by Rivergreen Place. Rivergreen Place is again located in Daniel Island Park. These over to the left were built by David Weekley. These are luxury town homes. They’re alley fed to the back and I’ll show ya’ll that as we ride around. Several different plans to choose from. I think four different plans, anywhere from 3 bedroom unit to 4 bedroom units. David Weekley, if you don’t know David Weekley is a production builder. He has built a ton on Daniel Island over the years. He builds , I would say he builds the highest of the high end, but he builds a good house I think for the money. I think these were priced in the $700K’s initially, resold lately, probably in the $800K’s or $900K’s. But again, this is Rivergreen Place and you know, pull under parking, courtyards in the back. And if you want to be in Daniel Island Park, this is, honestly, a pretty good way to go. I’ve had some clients who really like these and these would be good second home options is you weren’t here a lot. You would have something that really wouldn’t need a whole lot of maintenance. And from Rivergreen Place, we’re going to get one more condo complex before we leave Daniel Island Park.