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Smythe Lake Park

Left Center Park and we’re into Smythe Lake Park. And Smythe Lake is one of the newer neighborhoods in Daniel Island. It’s toward the Charleston end of the island. All right so over to our left is Smythe Lake. It’s an 11 acre fishing and kayak lake. It was named after the Guggenheim’s Charleston attorney, Henry Smythe. Houses to the right overlook the lake. There’s houses that back up to the lake on two sides and then you’ve got houses that overlook a green space and out to the lake. As you probably can see as we pull through here is this part of Daniel Island was once farm land so the tree coverage, we’ll get back in here. Smythe is if you’re looking on line, looking at new construction on Daniel Island and it’s not in Daniel Island Park, it’s probably in Smythe Park. And Smythe is not as tree covered because these were fields that they planted crops on and then used the river which is right out in front of us to bring in water to water the crops. As we get further back in here, you probably can maybe see through the trees. Over to the right is a span of the Ravenel Bridge, kind of give you perspective on where we are in relation to Charleston. So again, Smythe Lake, homes range back here from the high $500K’s on up into a million and a half to two million dollars. There are some town homes badc here that John Wieland built. And you can probably see back over to our left, they are still in the process of building. If you wanted a town home and didn’t want to have yard maintenance, there are some back in Smythe that I would recommend checking out. Quite nice. Most of the houses that we’re riding through right now are built by John Wieland or they were built by David Weekley, so these houses were built in mass over the last, probably two or three years. I think the finish level for what John Wieland and David Weekley do is pretty good for the money. You’re going to pay more money to be on Daniel Island. You can go buy the same exact house that John Wieland or David Weekley built out here. You can buy in Mt. Pleasant and you can buy it for 100,000 dollars less. When you’re on Daniel Island, you’re paying to be part of the life style out here. We’ve driven all the way to the back of Smythe Lake, at least. It’s on the Wando River side. You can see this little thatched roofed building. It’s just a community area that you can look out onto the river. Again Wando River out to our right. All the houses to our right have private or shared deep water docks. And these homes through here were built….most every one of them were built by a custom builder that is in a Guild of builders that builds on Daniel Island. You know, upper end as far as finishes go. You’re paying in excess of probably $2 million dollars to be on the water. And then, one of the things that we’ve enjoyed over the years as my sons have grown is coming out here. You’re part of the City of Charleston out here, so you can come out here and enjoy the parks and that’s a very cool pirated theme play park. And it sits right on the banks of Smythe Lake. Kids can have birthdays out here. And you can see there are still a few houses left to be built. I believe we did a drone tour of one of these lots through here that we’re getting ready to come up to. Not a whole lot of land left to be built on on Smythe Lake and I think that’s the lot right there. We’re on Pierce Street and it does have nice views of Smythe Lake.

We’re still in SMYTHE PARK ya’ll and we’re coming over to look at some luxury townhomes that John Wieland is building. These are elevator ready townhomes; very vertical. They have close proximity to the schools. That’s important. These are pretty big townhomes.I want to say, over 3000 square feet. Really high end finishes for what you
re getting. They have roof top decks, great views out to the bridge. Some of them have glimpses of the water, great kitchens on these. Wieland builds a range of houses. They build a lot of single family’s, so a lot of single family’s that people buy out here are by Wieland. But they’ve built these and they’ve sold very well. There are two sets of buildings and they’re finishing up the second set now. They overlook a park. I like these. They’re ones that you would have to be prepared for some tall living, because it is three stories. But they set up real well. Again, these are JOHN WIELAND TOWNHOMES in SMYTHE PARK.

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