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Smythe Park – Park Side Condos

Parkside Condominiums, built by Trammell Crow Residential, reside in the Smythe Park subsection and are located behind the Daniel Island school (K-8). Four or eight condos are located in each building.

The public library is a stones throw away. Parkside was a privately-led initiative by Trammell Crow Residential, Daniel Island Company and Daniel Island Real Estate to offer those who qualify, an opportunity to purchase a condo on Daniel Island. Below please find the floor plans as well as the site plan for Parkside.

All right, so just down the street from CENTER PARK is the DANIEL ISLAND school. That is a grade and middle school. We’re shooting this video during summer but during the school year, the bike racks out here are just slam full of bicycles. Everybody rides their bikes to school and I think it’s a pretty cool setup and people really like living here. We’re going to go into the condo complex called PARKSIDE. PARKSIDE sits really close to DANIEL ISLAND School and it’s actually in SMYTHE PARK. This is Blakeway Street; 1225 Blakeway Street is the actually physical address of these and these were built in 2007 and 2008. A total of 84 units, built by Trammell Crow and sizes range from 1100 anywhere to 1400 square feet; just two and three bedroom units. These were built originally as income contingent types of places. You had to have a certain amount of income in order to buy these. They were built as condos. I think they have better finishes than what you would find in some of the apartment complexes that were turned into condos on DANIEL ISLAND. Walk-in closets, good size master bedrooms. A lot of them have nice size porches. And you have off street parking here, so again this is one of those setups out here at PARKSIDE, that you would not have any covered parking. There would be parking on the street. I think there’s two spaces assigned to each unit. Owners are automatically part of the Daniel Island Community Association and if you wanted to use the pools here; the SCOTT PARK pool or the PIERCE PARK pool, you can use it if you live in PARKSIDE. You can see over to our right the backside of DANIEL ISLAND SCHOOL baseball field. And these are really convenient and would be a good option, either to buy or to lease if you want to get on the island fairly inexpensively for your kids to go to school, these would be a good option. I have had some clients buy these as second homes and they seem to work out well in that respect. We’re in PARKSIDE in SMYTHE PARK on DANIEL ISLAND.

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