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Daniel Island’s ‘Robust’ Marketplace

The evolution of Daniel Island’s downtown area is nearly complete – with just a few buildings yet to be constructed.  All in all – approximately 1.7 million square feet of commercial space has been completed since the island’s inception, according to Harper’s...

Daniel Island Is Alive With The Sound Of Music

From Volvo Car Stadium concerts to intimate gigs at local eateries, there’s no need to leave Daniel Island to enjoy musical entertainment this summer. The island offers a hotbed of local talent, as well as exceptional venues. Regardless of your musical taste, there’s...

Mpishi Is A Tasteful New Addition To Daniel Island Dining

Mpishi, the new eclectic eatery in downtown Daniel Island, opened its doors in the space formerly occupied by Honeycomb Café. The name “Mpishi” (pronounced MU-PEE-SHE) means “chef” in Swahili and has special significance for the owners, Andy and Allie Clay. “We...