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On Thursday, October 10, there was a hint of fall in the air as Nelliefield Plantation residents mingled with elected officials to celebrate the groundbreaking of their new community park, playground and pavilion, located off of Clements Ferry Road.

The project — which will include amenities such as a fire pit, 24’ x 40’ pavilion, playground, green lawn, parking, and trails — has been in the making since 2015, when Lisa Kerns and Councilman Josh Whitley took a walk through the woods and imagined what the space could become. Residents approved the project in 2016 and funding was acquired in 2018. The first phase of the park should be completed in six months and will serve 319 homes.

The three-acre park was designed to give Nelliefield residents a safe place to play and enjoy walking trails in a naturally wooded environment. The pavilion will have an open air structure with bathrooms, a large outdoor cooking area and 600 square feet of seating with additional seating in the green space. There will be tables under the pavilion for families to come and enjoy picnics.

“Our vision with this project has always been to create a space where families and community can come together to create relationships,” explained Kerns. “We are looking forward to the many celebrations this facility has to offer. From birthday parties, community events, movie nights, Life Group and HOA meetings, the possibilities are endless.”

Perhaps the most meaningful, albeit challenging, section of the park will be the trails of connectivity with Cainhoy Plantation, Phillip Simmons schools, and retail establishments, planned for a future phase.

Kerns elaborated, “Matt Sloan [president of The DI Development Company] and I are in collaboration with respects to connectivity between the two communities. Right now Point Hope is in their permitting stages and does not have a date or final plans for the completion of this collaboration effort.”

Using connecting trails that can support bike and golf cart traffic will significantly serve the community by allowing residents to travel to key areas without using a major highway such as Clements Ferry Road. (Credit: Daniel Island News)

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