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In the Lowcountry, we are blessed with great year-round fishing. However, the arrival of fall brings the promise of truly fantastic fishing. As the days become shorter and the water temperature drops, everything with fins and teeth feeds voraciously. Through the Fall weeks, fishing and catching will be synonymous. A bold claim but for the most part true.

Trout are gathering into large schools and gorging themselves on shrimp and finger mullet. The large schools are pretty easy to locate. Sea gulls often hover above the schools and eat the shrimp or finger mullet that the trout drive to the surface. When you encounter this situation, fishing and catching are truly synonymous.

No matter where you go — in the creeks or rivers, in the harbor and out to the jetties — it’s sure to be an enjoyable outing and chances are, you’ll return home with a pretty good haul. If Fishing is one of your favorite past times, Charleston SC is a perfect place to enjoy the sport. Well known for its ample redfish population as well as speckled sea trout,  flounder, black drum and Sheepshead, Charleston area waters are teaming with a variety of game fish.

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