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Live music is not hard to find on Daniel Island. Artists who play on the island range from retired professionals, semi-pros and amateurs who are just starting out, according to Black Tie Music Academy Owner Braeden Kershner.

“It’s a wonderful place to grow and learn the craft,” said Kershner. “A lot of people think you just have to learn songs, but that’s only half of it. Crowd interaction, taking requests and catering your performances to the listeners are all things that these DI performers do well.”

Some of the talented artists that perform on the island include Glenn Raus, owner of the Japan Karate Institute on the island who plays guitar; Jason Thompson, an instructor at Black Tie Music Academy who plays guitar; Hannah O, a high school student who plays guitar and piano; Claire Conway, a recent graduate who plays guitar and piano; and Kristen Ayers who plays guitar. All of these performers can be spotted playing at the Farmers Markets and Refuel Wine Nights.

“Go out and support local music,” urged Kershner. “You are watching someone live out their dream!” Aside from the live performers on the island, the Black Tie Music Academy also hosts what they call an “Adult Jam Band” once a month.

“There are no kids allowed for this,” said Kershner. “Everybody just drinks beer and plays rock-n-roll. It’s a chance for people who don’t normally get to play with other people to come together, plug in and just rock out.”

Although the island is small, there is a lot going on, added Kershner. “There’s a lot of talented people on the island,” he said. “It’s a cool place to be.”