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Do you want to live in a community where when you get home from work, you no longer need a car? Where you can walk to dinner, the market, shopping…? Daniel Island might be the place for you. Daniel Island consists of 4000+ acres with 23+ miles of creeks, waterways and rivers.

One can walk, run, bike to all of the areas of Daniel Island as they have an interconnected 12+ mile trail system. And, they plan on adding more trails including one in Smythe Park which will overlook the lake. They also plan on connecting Rhoden Island to Daniel Island Park, and installing fitness stations, drinking fountains and cool air misters. The youth soccer field was recently finished and is located on Grand Council.

But, until all is done & complete, you can still enjoy walking on the current 12+ miles of trails and meander through the seven neighborhoods, view the marsh, oak trees, and beautiful scenery of Daniel Island. It is truly amazing.

Daniel Island’s trail system is truly magnificent and the South Carolina Association of Landscape Architects gave them an “Award of Merit” for the achievement.

If you would like a map of the walking and biking trails on Daniel Island, please contact Bob at bob@charlestonproperty.net or 843.345.6074.

Source: Daniel Island News, Elizabeth Bush, May 31, 2007

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