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Daniel Island has a lot of interesting street names including Bounty, Frigate Street, Schooner Street…But, who and how did the developers of Daniel Island come up with these names? Who or what are they named after?

Michael Dahlman and Michale Dahlman, Jr. wrote a book entitled, “Daniel Island” that gives the historical background of Daniel Island and explores exactly this… street names.

According to their book and the article in The Daniel Island News (April 11, 2007), in 1995 the Daniel Island Company hired a marketing and PR company to come up with a “naming convention” for the new streets and parks on the Island.

Here are some interesting ones:

There are over 120 streets on Daniel Island.

Daniel Island, Daniel Island Drive and Daniel Island Park all were named after Robert Daniell who was the deputy governor of the Carolina Colony from 1716 to 1717. On May 1 of 1718 he passed away at his plantation house in Daniel Island.

Cunningham Street was named after George Cunningham who was Charleston’s mayor from 1873-1877. Cunningham acquired 2/3rds of the southern section of Daniel Island and then divided the land into small farm units (100 acres on average). Each unit was run by a different manager and each had a unique name. Over time the names, sizes, boundary lines…of the farms changed names but in 1945, two of the farms names were: Scott (Scott Street) and Center (Center Park and Center Street).

In the 18th and 19th centuries, two Cochran Families (Cochran Park and Cochran Street) owned property on Daniel Island. Thomas Cochran, Senior, owned land but did not live on Daniel Island. This was common for land owners following the war. He was a planter and did commercial trading as an agent. He had six children and four of the children are buried on a ¼ acre plot adjacent to the Lesesne Cemetery which is behind the Family Cup Tennis Complex.

The other Cochran who owned property on Daniel Island was Charles Cochran (1776-1833). He was friends with John Quincy Adams as well as the Marquis de Lafayette. He lived in downtown Charleston on Meeting Street and later on Society Street. In 1807, he was the state treasurer and in 1813 he was the president of Union bank.

For more information, about the naming of the streets, please contact Bob Brennaman and he can forward you the complete article.

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